Introduction: 1.1 This chapter summarises areas of interest and concern raised during the committee's consideration of the Budget Estimates of the Attorney-General's portfolio for the 2005-2006 financial year.
Attorney-General's Department (AGD)

Australian Federal Police (AFP)
1.7 The AFP was questioned extensively concerning investigations into unauthorised disclosure of information from within the public service. The committee was particularly interested in the events surrounding the execution of a search warrant on the National Indigenous Times newspaper in an attempt to locate a government document which was believed to be in the possession of the newspaper.6 

1.8 In response to these questions, Commissioner Keelty tabled a document indicating that there were currently 37 ongoing investigations into unauthorised disclosures. Officers advised the committee that, notwithstanding that other newspapers had published articles covering the unauthorised disclosure, given the known facts that existed at the time, a search warrant was sought only for the National Indigenous Times.7

1.9 Other areas canvassed by the committee included: 

• the surveillance of baggage handling areas at Australian international airports;

• comments by Commissioner Keelty concerning the court case in Indonesia of Schapelle Corby; 

• the structure and operation of AFP Regional Rapid Deployment teams; 

• the allocation of resources of the National Missing Persons Unit; and 

• the request by Hungarian authorities for the extradition of Charles Zentai for alleged war crimes.