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Australian Federal Police

Schapelle Corby
FLASH BACK - 24th May 2005

Senator ALLISON—We will perhaps raise these questions with ASIO when they appear a little later. Going to this letter to the Indonesian lawyers on the question of drug importation into Australia and baggage handlers, I will read the second paragraph, which states:

Following a joint investigation which has been conducted over the last six months, the Australian Federal Police and the New South Wales Police have dismantled a Sydney based syndicate involved in trafficking of drugs. Police are currently investigating a number of baggage handlers who work at the Sydney international airport about these drug-trafficking activities. The police believe these baggage handlers were on duty on 8 October 2004 when a shipment of drugs was brought into the Sydney international airport.

Mr Keelty, that does seem to me to be somewhat in contradiction to your comments a couple of weeks earlier, which were—and correct me if I am wrong in my recollection—that an investigation had been conducted and no evidence had been found to support the claim that there had been interference in baggage handling or drug related activities.

Commissioner AFP Mr. Keelty interview with ABC reporter Tanya Nolan (no drugs)



Mr Keelty—There is no conflict between what is contained in that letter and my public statements. To go into greater detail might create problems in terms of what was agreed between madam chair and the minister.

CHAIR—These are matters currently under continuing investigation?

Mr Keelty—Can I point out that the matter regarding the international airport involving the AFP and the New South Wales Police is ongoing and charges have been preferred.

That matter is now before the court. With respect, I think the other issues come into the ambit of the discussion that the minister had with you, Madam Chair, at the outset of these proceedings in respect of the Corby matter.

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Source: http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/senate/commttee/s8314.pdf