Breach of Confidentiality - Files on Record

### File.1 

Jury verdict: Channel Seven defamed Mercedes Corby
May 30, 2008 01:55pm
Ms Corby, 33, last night won her NSW Supreme Court defamation action against the Seven Network, former best friend Jodie Power, and others. 

### File.2

State Administrative Tribunal of  Western Australia Decisions LEGAL PRACTITIONERS COMPLAINTS  COMMITTEE and TROWELL [2009] WASAT 42 (13 March 2009
1. Was Ms Corby a client or prospective client of the practitioner.
2. Did the practitioner disclose confidential information and were such disclosures and statements to the media made without consent.
3. Did the disclosures and statements to the media constitute unsatisfactory conduct?
453 For these reasons we find that the charge of unprofessional conduct in respect of both the disclosure of confidential information and statements to the media without the informed consent of Ms Corby as the practitioner's client have been made out.

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### File.3
Robin Tampoe struck off as lawyer
Source: Tony Keim -
June 05, 2009 09:30pm
THE former lawyer of Schapelle Corby has been struck 
off Queensland's law register for breaching lawyer-client privilege.

The Legal Practice Tribunal today ruled on allegations Robin Tampoe breached solicitor-client confidentiality during a television interview aired in June 2005. Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Ros Atkinson struck Tampoe off as a lawyer, despite the fact he had already removed himself as a solicitor, before yesterday's hearing.

### File.4
(comment about) Robyn Tampoe, Schapelle Corby’s solicitor 

Lawyers and their regulators should care about the Corby case, because at the relevant time, a lot of people loved Schapelle and Schapelle does not now much like her lawyers.