Open your mind read the files and you will see the injustice done to Schapelle Corby & her family.

These files point to a Howard Government being more concerned about its diplomatic tie's with Indonesia, their then coming election and the inadequacy of Airport Security at Australian Airport's.

Files reveal how Australian Airport's & Airline operators were more concerned about costs, their brand image, and shareholders than that of a young women locked up for life in an Indonesian jail.

Schapelle Corby as suffered the same fate as  Lindy  Chamberlian
"Trial by Media" the media demonized Lindy and her family as they thought it was not possible a dingo could have taken her baby.  How wrong they were as years later  Lindy Chamberlian was cleared. Jurors wrote to Lindy personally to say how sorry they were for getting it so so wrong. 

The Corby family are suffering the same Media demonization  along with unguarded comments made by politicians who one would think should have known  better.
 Their comments did filter back to prosecutors in Indonesia, did these comment's influence the outcome of the trial. Read the files make up your own mind. 

" If you don't want this to happen to you take a stand call your local member - God knows how many people are in forigen jails being wrongfully convicted.  Do not allow these cover ups to continue. 

Story of interest - The Merauke Five?  (Why the Merauke Five feel betrayed by Australia)

Is it possible to have drugs planted on unsuspecting airline travelers or tourists?  "YES" and these files prove that it is not only possible but that it has happened to others. And it could happen to you.

Note: "Hard Evidence magazine does not condone drug use or trafficking" DISCLAIMER