Read The Hounding Of Schapelle's Father 

Bassless Claims 
Andrew Fraser | July 14, 2008
Article from: The Australian

QUEENSLAND Police yesterday dismissed claims by a convicted drug smuggler that the cannabis found in Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag belonged to her late father, Mick.

Queensland police spokesman yesterday said it had investigated the claims against Mick Corby and found they were baseless. "An investigation made by Queensland Police into statements made against Mick Corby found those statements to be unjustified," the spokesman said.

"Queensland Police has no evidence to link Mick Corby with involvement in the drug trade."

Mercedes Corby says that given her father knew he was dying at the time of Schapelle's case it was ridiculous to suggest he would have let her go to jail for him.

"My dad was dying and he knew that he didn't have much time left. He often considered making up a story to help Schapelle but he didn't as we had no idea how the (legal) system would work. My father would have done anything at all possible to help Schapelle," Mercedes said. "My dad absolutely loved us kids. There was no way my dad would ever do anything like this or let Schapelle take the rap.

"Schapelle was his baby girl. There was no way on earth he would let her go to jail for something he did."

When Mercedes learned of McCauley's latest allegations she broke down in tears.

"My poor dad, he was such a good man, he never did anything wrong," she said of her father, who died of prostate cancer in January this year.