Robyn Tampoe, Schapelle Corby’s solicitor

Lawyers and their regulators should care about the Corby case, because at the relevant time, a lot of people loved Schapelle and Schapelle does not now much like her lawyers. 

One of them has hit back, calling the Corbys “the biggest pile of trash I have ever come across in my life”. People will think this is normal, or at least the tip of the iceberg. And much confusion seems to be going around about Mr Tampoe’s fabrication of a defence for Corby. For giving this interview, and saying this, I condemn Mr Tampoe, who is no longer a solicitor, with all my fibre. What I question below is whether the media have got their reportage of his claim to have completely fabricated the defence right — if he means what I imagine he means, I say — so what? Whether or not the media have got it right, I reckon his comments might well harm his former client. 

They could have been personally deeply hurtful, they could affect her treatment in jail, they could affect any claim for clemency she might in the future make, and they could affect the result of the prisoner exchange treaty negotiations underway between the Australian and Indonesian governments, or the speed with which they progress.

I watched the Channel 9 special a few weeks ago promising the hidden truth on the Corby saga. A working class family cracking under the most extraordinary pressure was fairly ugly, as edited by Channel 9, but the only trash on show was Channel 9. What a disgraceful hatchet job and obvious breach of trust.

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Update, 7 July 2008: Watch the video of Tampoe slagging off his client here.

Update June 5th 2005: Robin Tampoe struck off as lawyer