Event Timeline

October 7th 2004
Schapelle is packing to go to Bali to celebrate Sister Mercedes birthday; her father Michael is present as she packs. A plastic strip is missing from the boogie board and Michael fixes the strip, and is present when the boogie board goes into the bag. Michael Corby states ‘She didn't have the bloody things’ (drugs).Schapelle leaves for mother Ros’ house picking up Richards on the way. The four traveling companions Katrina Richards, Ally McComb, James (Schapelles brother) stay the night at Ros’ so she can drive them to the airport.

October 8th
Approximately 4.30am
The travelers wake, in the garage as they are about to leave Ally gave Schapelle a pair of flippers she had borrowed, McCombs, Richards and James all gave testimony that they seen Schapelle open the Boogie board bag and place the flippers inside. They all stated that the garage was brightly lit and the Yellow boogie board was the only item in the bag.

5.33 am
Closed circuit cameras observe Schapelle and her female companions checked in their luggage 3 suitcases and the boogie board bag at Brisbane airport. All the bags are weighed together and total 65 kgs. (This is crucial to the case, but Bali customs and police ignored this). Images recorded on the camera were deleted 25 days later, and the cameras were not working properly.

Flight leaves for Sydney.
Arrive at Sydney airport, change to International terminal where the group meets up with friend Jodie
Powers who is catching a later flight to Bali to celebrate Mercedes Birthday.

Group leaves Sydney International airport for Bali, Schapelle tells Jodie they will see her at the pool at 5pm in Bali for a drink.

2.30pm Bali time (4.30 EST)
Plane arrives at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar. The boogie bag is set aside from the other bags, which are on the carousel and as Schapelle is struggling with luggage, Ally asked James is asked to assist with the bags. James a weight lifter and rugby player claims he did not notice anything about the bag as he was just glad the plane hadn’t crashed.Most people were getting their luggage checked. The customs officer asked James if it was his Boogie board, James said yes, but Schapelle said ‘No It’s mine’. Schapelle placed the boogie board bag on the counter and opened the zip. She noticed that the zip was done up in the middle of the bag, which she thought was strange as she always did the zip up to one side. Upon opening the bag Schapelle instantly seen something in the bag.Inside the bag on top of the yellow boogie bag and under the flippers was 4.1 kilograms marijuana in two plastic bags, one inside the other, the size of a pillow case. The outer bag was a vacuum space bag.

James was taken to an interview room while Schapelle waited outside. James was ordered to remove the contents of the bag. Schapelle was bought into the room where the contents of the bag were on the floor, she was shocked. Schapelle admitted owning the bag, the boogie board and the flippers. She insisted she had no idea who owned the drugs and were they came from McComb was allowed to join them about 30 minutes later and was also shocked at what she seen in the interview room.Katrina Richards called Mercedes, who spoke to a police officer. 

Mercedes then went to the airport, where custom officers were trying to get Schapelle to sign a statement. Mercedes warned her not to sign anything. Mercedes, Schapelle and McComb were insisting that custom officer’s stop handling the bag and take fingerprints. The officers said it was too late as it had been contaminated, the officials laughed at Mercedes.Two hours after Corby was detained, customs were aware that there were four baggage tags in her name. The bags were only a few metres away, with Katrina Richards, who was anxiously guarding them. No attempt was made to search or weigh the bags, even though Corby demanded it. Later, when Corby had lawyers, it was too late. The bags had left the airport.James and Schapelle were taken to a police cell were they were given fish and rice to eat, they were told to go to sleep.