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As described in the introduction, the core issues of the Schapelle Corby case are the clear systematic abuses of her legal and human rights and the unprecedented political 20 year sentence itself. Who actually placed the marijuana in her board bag, and why, has largely been peripheral to this. The harrowing show trial and clear injustice have very much been the focus of the campaign to free her.

However, some of the theories regarding placement and motive do provide rationale for many subsequent events, including the continued inhumane stance of the Indonesian regime, the hostile media reporting in Australia, the dubious behavior of the Australian Federal Police and the lack of support from the Australian government.

The three propositions investigated in this report are as follows:

1. The Corrupt Australian Baggage Handler Proposition (Page 5)
2. The ‘War on Drugs’ and Corruption Proposition (Page 18)
3. The 'Third Party Fixer' Proposition (Page 34)

Each of these tells a different story, with entirely different motives in play. They all, however, present issues and aspects which are extremely serious and disturbing. Further, around the issues, aspects and events described it is easy to envisage a host of additional scenarios.

The investigative exercise was conducted in a thorough and objective manner. It consistently identified occurrences which it is simply impossible to pass off as coincidence. It identified names (withheld) which persistently appear in different places. It identified corruption and it identified complicity.

Each of the three propositions presented is compelling. 
Weighed against them, the idea that Schapelle Corby: 
· somehow obtained 4.2kg of marijuana having worked so hard just to earn the money for the flight, with no criminal record, and as a non-drug user
* Chose to smuggle marijuana to a country where the drug is worth a tiny fraction of its Australian valuE
* placed it in her bag and then slashed the plastic bag open to release the smell
* somehow transported, undetected, the pungent smelling bag through Brisbane Domestic airport, Sydney Domestic airport, and Sydney International airport, past check-in staff, sniffer dogs, x-ray machines, CCTV, police, customs and baggage handlers
* put her full name and address on the board bag when she checked it on
* openly proclaimed that she owned the bag when it was ’selected’ by Indonesian customs
* protested about police/customs handling and therefore contaminating the evidence, which would actually have helped her had she placed the drugs
* formally requested that the marijuana be tested for country of origin, which would have added weight against her had it been from Australia
* pleaded for DNA and fingerprint tests which can only have harmed her had she placed them
* refused to even contemplate a plea bargain despite sentencing advantages
* begged for CCTV footage from Sydney and Brisbane airports when even a single frame of a pregnant board bag would have damned her
* requested footage from Denpasar airport which would have validated police claims had they been truthful
* acted out a script so wonderfully at the show trial that she would have swept the board at any Oscar ceremony

… the idea is clearly absurd.

Yet she has suffered for so many years and continues to do so. A gross and clear injustice continues to remain unaddressed.

It can only be hoped that rational minds begin to focus upon this case, and that urgent efforts are finally made to correct this gross injustice and restore her human rights. An innocent woman’s world, and possibly life, does actually depend upon it.