Airport Security Inquiry 
submission 60

The Chairman,
MP Bob Baldwin,
Airport Security Inquiry,
Parliament House,
Macquarie Street,

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

Please find enclosed a copy of a letter I forwarded to the Security Manager of Sydney Airport last September, 2004

The letter is self explanatory, but I believe that anyone, or for that matter a number of people could still gain access to Sydney Airport precinct in the back of a Caterair vehicle, simply because Caterair is “Off Base” and the security ofthe vehicle solely relies upon a paper seal affixed to that vehicle.

At the time I terminated my employment at Caterair, there was absolutely no security at this establishment, with the exception of security cards.

You will also see in the attached correspondence that Ms Leon Mack of the Attorney Generals Department contacted me via email on the 26~ September, 2004, since then I have not had any correspondence in relation to my complaint.

I thought that you should be made aware ofthe complaint I made, prior to the arrest of Schapelle Corby.

I am prepared to give evidence under oath if required and declare that everything that I have stated in my correspondence are the truth.

Would you be kind enough to acknowledge receipt ofthis letter, email will suffice.

I wish you well with the inquiry.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Griffiths